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BUY ONLY 100% KONA COFFEE and assure satisfaction in the cup! 100% Kona Coffee has a delicate, aromatic flavor that can be submerged if blended with harsher, foreign coffees. To help you distinguish 100% Kona from lesser quality coffees the Kona Coffee Council has put in place a program of assurance for roasted so that the buyer will have confidence that they are buying the true gourmet product.


Established by the Kona Coffee Council, the 100% Seal of Approval assures gourmet 100% Kona Coffee and is open to any member selling roasted 100% Kona Coffee.

By displaying and supporting this quality assurance 100% Seal of Approval, we promise the consumer they are buying 100% Kona Coffee. All funds raised through this non-profit program will help perpetuate our 200 year old tradition of growing Kona Coffee.

The Kona Coffee Council supplies these certification seals only to Kona farmers and processors. Those who use this Seal voluntarily keep a green audit trail to back their standards of excellence and attest to the following:

The undersigned, as a member of the Kona Coffee Council, understands that the KCC 100% Seal of Approval can only be displayed on packages containing roasted 100% Kona Coffee and further that.......

1. All coffee must be grown within the borders of North and South Kona Districts, Hawaii Island.

2. Said coffee must meet the State of Hawaii's green Grading Standards as adopted under Chapter 147, Hawaii Revised Statutes.

3. In order to display this 100% Seal of Approval, the producer of said coffee must volunteer to fill out an attached green miller's audit trail. This establishes a trust between the producer and the buyer. This audit trail remains confidential unless a complaint arises as to the validity of the product. The Kona Coffee Council has the right to revoke the use of the 100% Seal of Approval in any final judgment.

Look for the 100% Seal of Approval on every bag of roasted coffee you buy.

You must be a current paid member to purchase or use Kona Coffee Council seals.

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